Buy, Try, Or Trash – Renegade Ops

               From the moment I took control of the vehicle in Renegade Ops a sense of nostalgia hit me. This feels like jackal 2011 one of the classic co op games of the Nes era, renamed and updated, and I loved it. Normally I’m not a big fan of twin stick shooters but this one stood out with it’s fast paced gameplay and constant explosive action. The vehicle rips through the stage as you gun down enemy vehicles and rescue survivors from various locations around the stage, then drop them off at a safe point at a church. One after another missions are thrown at you that keep you on the move, from stopping the church from being destroyed by missle launchers, saving captives from prison transports. The graphics are sharp, and voice acting matches the comic book art style of the pop up dialogue boxes. The demo ends with you taking control of a chopper and flying toward another target. Smooth controls, great graphics, and fun gameplay make this demo  a definite BUY

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