Buy, Try, Or Trash – Skydrift

Skydrift is pretty straight forward affair, race through the skies with the plane of your choice (only one is available in the demo) avoiding obstacles and gathering power ups to put the kibosh on your opponents Chances at victory. The laziest and easiest way to explain the game is Mario kart with planes. the lower to the ground you are the faster you fly, and some of the turns you have to make are really sharp, so having good controls is a must, and I found the controls here worked perfectly. I zoomed on the water below and tilted through narrow passages with ease. The environments for the demoed level was nothing special but nice overall. All in all I can see having fun with this title with a group of friends when you want something more light hearted than many of the offerings out. If combat racing is your thing, you can have mad fun with this title.
Skydrifters is a try.

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