Battlefield 3 – The beta that made me avoid the game

I was a huge fan of Battlefield Bad Company 2, it was my first experience with the battlefield franchise and had me excited for future installments, so when Battlefield 3 was announced I was immediately onboard. The humor and wit of bad company gone, and replaced with the realistic, hardcore action and gameplay presented with updated, gorgeous graphics, I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into this experience. 
Unfortunately I got the chance too, with the beta made available to the public on September 29, the day the battlefield died for me. Many people will argue that you can’t judge a game by a beta, but I disagree. If I eat a sample of a dish and don’t like it, eating the whole meal won’t make me like it more. The fact of the matter is it feels like somewhere along the line the game lost some soul, that “it” factor that makes some FPS fun, and others mediocre. It could be That Dice got caught up in EA’s need to outdo their competitor Activision’s modern warfare franchise with something so gritty they forgot that gamers do like to enjoy themselves: or it could be that they are taking this realistic warfare simulation so serious that they -again- forgot gamers like to have fun: Did you notice that? The lack of enjoyment received from the beta? No matter how good it controls, how beautiful the graphics, or how nicely the game may play, if it isn’t fun it isn’t worth a dollar. I’ll put my money under the mattress and wait for bad company 3.

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  1. Staccata November 16, 2011 at 8:53 pm -

    Lol. i’m saying, keep it real, they tried so hard to beat modern warfare, it’s like they just ended up being modernwarfare mixed with bad company 2. i might pick this joint up on black friday, and i’ll merc you and your entire clan with my lonewolf style.

  2. D November 16, 2011 at 8:46 pm -

    Your maaaaaad, Mr. Terracato…origato…stick-cato whatever yo name is. LMAO Battlefield 3 is the sheeit brothaman! If I could, I would play all day and night. I will admit that it has taken me sometime to get use to the movements and all but I felt you when you said “B3 lost it’s soul” for a minute. Just took getting used to. Now I’m ready to add yo tags to my already growing list of LOOOOOSERRRRRS! HAHAHA. DM18th representing the MOB clan at yo neck Boi!

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