Rants of Yahyizzle episode 4

Thank god for the @Almightyah, he saved this weeks with a full fledged rant. Jump in and enjo.

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  1. Vido January 13, 2012 at 10:50 pm -

    1. Try living in Minnesota before you bitch about the cold.

    2. At McDonalds, we literally have the McRibs sitting in a tub of BBQ sauce, so I doubt there’s less sauce on the McRibs.

    3. Yes, maybe if you come in during a lunch rush a rib may be not fully submerged in BBQ and we may be in such a hurry that it doesn’t get smothered in BBQ sauce, but it still has a lot of sauce on it.

    Love the show though, keep it up.

    -The Bro

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