buy try or trash – wanted corp

Standing in a room full of twin stick shooters, and things of the like, wanted corp. sets itself apart, with a bounty hunter storyline, and the addition of magical type characters. In the demo, you play as the male main character, who’s weapon of choice is the firearm. As you blast your way through the stage you have to be careful not to kill potential bounty that can add to your Stack of Cash, while hunting down the big boss of the stage. the graphics are vibrant, and the sound is fine, but the dialogue and voice actor are rather sub par. But it fits the kind of B movie science fiction writing that you get from the story. My only real problem with the game, is the intro to the stage took way to long. I’m the type of person that likes getting info, but this was a drawn out affair that almost made me put the controller down. Get past that, and I think you might have a good time.
Wanted Corp is a Try.

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