Buy, Try, Or Trash – scarygirl

Square-Enix Latest downloadable Release Scarygirl takes the platformer to a very fun, and dark place. With a Goth setting, and even more Goth little main character. You will jump, propel, and fight your way through pretty back drops reminiscent of an Edgar Allen Poe poem. You make your way through the stage with your little whip weapon, that you can use to destroyed enemies, or stun them and use them as projectiles. None of the combat is particularly new, but it all feels fresh with the cartoonish, yet gloomy themed backgrounds. The controls are tight, I had no issue with the platforming other than my misjudgments. The variety in the stages, and enemies keeps the game feeling fresh. As you can tell by the video, I had a lot of fun with the demo. Scarygirl gets a Buy.

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