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The artist: Nine
The album: Nine Lives

Released through Profile Records on March 7, 1995, the album contained 15 tracks, 11 produced by Rob Lewis, and four produced by Tony Stoute.
Some heads might remember Nine from his most successful single “Whutcha Want?”, reaching #50 on the billboard 200

 In my opinion this album was slept on by the main stream and if you remember any song from nine, that qualifies you as a hip hop connoisseur.
The whole album is an up tempo, boom bap, break yo mutha fuckin back, and crack yo neck classic. It’s a great album to rock out with during any gaming session, whether you’re going it solo, or having a get together. I find that the game works well with fighting game genre because the fast paced action, and the built up testosterone mix well with the feel and energy of the tracks on this album.
The lyrical delivery is smooth and in step, like a professional pulling off a high level combo. He delivers his word play with raspy grimy voice  killing most theses new rap cats like amateurs stepping up to the Street fighter arcade cabinet.
The album is a cleverly put together compilation of hard core music with animated lyrics, there’s even a track where he raps like a frog called ”hit em like this “. on this track he trades hyper acid induced type flow over a crazy sounding beat with his alter ego “froggy frog”.  It might sound kind of weird but it goes hard.
On the track fundamentalz he has fun over a dark futuristic beat, then there’s my personal favorites” red rum” and “fo eva blunted”. Every time I here red rum I imagine the video being some animated young hood dude, drawn in pencil, with a black hoodie, over a new york fitted hat, sitting in a dark alley, with a pair of head phones rapping the lyrics. I have no clue why but that’s how the track hit me. “Fo’eva Blunted”is one of them off the wall take a fat shot of liquor, hit the spliff, put down the the controller and start reciting the lyrics type of joint. The drums are sick and the horns are mesmerizing. The lyrics talk about why he stays high basically. The rest of the album follows the same pace, he gets a mic, spits a little knowledge and keeps it underground with a sort of lyrical eccentricity
This album is a true classic if you haven’t heard it you need to cop it and add it to your gaming music library.

Nine – Fo’Eva Blunted

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