Battlefield 3: Close Quarters – Preview

Battlefield 3: Close Quarters.

Xbox 360 / PC / PlayStation 3 (one week early access).

1200 MS Points / $14.99 PC & PS3.

Following in the wake of a Karkand predecessor, come June 12th (5th for PlayStation folk) Battlefield 3 players can expect a Close Quarters call up! BF3 continues it’s series of 2011-3 expansions, the vehicular based Armored Kill heading our way autumn/fall, the mysterious Aftermath and End Game round out a five point DLC release plan.

Battle Club Gaming sent out it’s enthusiastic but rubbish BF3 rookie into the field for some on point recon!

We will control the vertical…

As a themed expansion Close Quarters specifically looks to highlight infantry combat in claustrophobic environments with “intimate indoor gunplay” and this alludes to a tight 16 player per map count. No vehicles are presented for use at any point within this DLC, the emphasis here being take on the opposition floor by floor clearing rooms death match style…

DICE are bringing us a new game mode. Dubbed Conquest Domination, it is effectively capture points redefined. There’s no countdown wait here, this has been sacrificed in favour of instant zone control and with that? More of them. Combined with a super fast spawn engagement urgent flag strategies promise to complement quick turns of the battle tide. Communication will be absolutely team/squad crucial with enemies almost always within dog tag distance… surgical shotgun fiends will relish Close Quarters.

Ziba Tower before & after.

Of the four CQ maps Ziba Tower and Donya fortress have both been showcased to promote Battlefield’s HD destruction feature. Players are offered an evolution of map mayhem as architectures allow for complete devastation, impressing to even the smallest of inane… bits of palace and expensive chandeliers killed in combat with equal aplomb!

Karkand brought it’s own updated environment damage but the ability to render everything to utter fracture while fielding objectives is no light aside, rather a welcome embellish. Players will of course lovingly dismiss the intricacy of the shards and the strewn, totally focused in constant area assessment and evaluation. A brilliant idea and a further courtesy from Frostbite 2, free here to play outside it’s usual expected work.

Some maybe concerned and a little uncomfortable at the sound of 16 player maps and obvious load out limitations but the key point to remember here is themed. With the next planned Armored Core release promising huge maps and boasting the biggest in Battlefield history? This years DLC expansions certainly seem well deserving of our impatient attention… hurrah to the long view.

Can we expect trophies and achievements? When we asked @Battlefield they wouldn’t be drawn on this, but with ten new assignments to complete chances are… certainly. Five new dog tags are additional to Close Quarters, with those? Ten lovelies to unlock, play with and import over.

  • AUG Assault Rifle
  • SCAR Assault Rifle
  • ACW-R Carbine
  • MTAR-21 Carbine
  • M417 Sniper Rifle
  • JNG-90 Sniper Rifle
  • L86LSW Machine Gun
  • LSAT Machine Gun
  • M5K Tactical Machine Pistol
  • SPAS-12 Shotgun

Battlefield: Premium.

EA/DICE are set to pre-empt and encompass all five DLC packs with a June 4th premium content service. For a one off $49.99 PC and PS3 fee, or 4000 MS points, purchasers can expect unique assignments and items – ACB-90 knife, weapon and soldier camos, premium dog tags and two weeks early access on future field expansions. Following a tradition of leaking news before E3, PlayStation’s EU blog briefly published EA’s press document before pulling it…

Double Tap.

Worthy of note here, a reference to exclusive multiplayer events, more new game modes to partner Domination and double XP weekends, the latter we have seen a taster (no doubt trial) run of. Additional platoon emblems and decal options are a welcome bonus. Personally not sure about changes to functionality i.e. a dubious sounding stat reset option and interestingly, server queue priority. With the 4th being EA’s press preview for E3 expect the official announcement alongside service release.

Battle Club Gaming’s Twitter Competition.

To celebrate the release of Battlefield 3: Close Quarters @battleclubgming will be running a follow and retweet competition giving you the chance to win four PSN codes. Two of $20 and two for £25. We urge you use them on the Close Quarters expansion and join us there for future Bounty Hunters Club challenges.

Bro Violation If You Don’t – Be Advised.

Our community friends Franchise, Mack & Disturbed have started a superb Battlefield podcast. A great show with a genuine love and appreciation for the series. Give them a listen here: Battlefield: Zero Tolerance or find the cast in itunes via The PlayStation Show network, review and subscribe. Tweet and follow them @BZTPodcast   

Battlefield Fantasy.

In this war it’s all about you and me. Side by side in this Battlefield fantasy. You take the left flank & I’ll take the right. Armed and dangerous always ready to fight! – Dan Sheridan, 2012.

Sources: EA press kit (price info) Battlefieldo (premium news).

Our special thanks to Dan Sheridan@EA_ActionMan for his very kind contribution & permission. Many thanks to Derrick Gott, Chris Williams & Richard Harris – A dedication sirs.


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