Redux: Dark Matters – Preview / Interview / Competition

REDUX: Dark Matters.

iOS / Sega Dreamcast / PSN / XBLA / Steam / Nintendo 3DS (TBA 2013).

Jan 2013 update: Project Status – funded and confirmed.

The Kickstarter program funds many interesting developments around the gaming community and one in particular caught our eye. Armed with a packed lunch, Battle Club Gaming brave distant worlds and the depths of space to find out more…

Matters Past.

2008 saw René Hellwig and Martin Konrad head up a title project for the Sega Dreamcast. With a focus born of system passion and a clear love of fun shmups, their aim was to independently develop and publish a horizontal “memorise” type shooter.

Production delays with bug fixes pushed DUX beyond its targeted release schedule but allowed the team to tighten up the risk and reward style scoring mechanic, add a new level stage and as a result pre-order fans were treated to free bonus gifts.

DUX offered smooth 60 fps hi-res CGI, a beautifully colourful overall theme and was complemented by a stunning soundtrack. The game premiered 2009 with a two version DC release. Regular DUX editions can still be found cheap enough but the limited numbered run of 500 pieces with inclusive alternate OST is a rare beast indeed. Rarer still, the 100 print A5 poster, sticker and “thank you for your patience” flyer set.

Dream Reality.

2012 sees the team return with ambitions in mind, one of which being – first ever Dreamcast game successfully funded through Kickstarter. Redux: Dark Matters was set an initial target of $25,000. By May 14th 2012 production status was confirmed, meeting its goal requirement within the first week.

Redux is a $65 exclusive to Kickstarter, its limited edition (region free) DC release will include a 1.5 update of the original DUX in a two disc set. Donating $100 nets you that same set but with a nice steel book and impressive four disc soundtrack. Super supporters i.e. backers pledging to the $1,000 option can expect their name in the credits, a custom arcade stick and a myriad of signed goodies. Only three of that particular option were allotted, all have subsequently sold out.

As donations continue to roll in, the team are focusing on stretch goals and additional game elements before their June 8th Kickstarter deadline. The fund total will of course determine further platform releases, the first of those confirmed: iOS – iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch.

Battle Club Gaming docked with mission control and Redux: Dark Matters developer René Hellwig for a briefing…

Thank you for speaking to us sir, firstly can you tell us a little bit about the team behind Redux? Name suggests you guys got the band back together ; )

We’re a small indie team with a passion for retro and new consoles. We’ve been into gaming for a long time, our music was composed by Andre Neumann, and he did a fantastic job! We got legendary Chris Huelsbeck (R-Type, Turrican) for a remix of the credit tune. Have a look at our kickstarter to get an impression of how the game looks and sounds.

The original DUX release gave us a wonderful soundtrack, nice to know Andre Neumann is back on board. Chris Huelsbeck I remember from playing X-Out, we can expect Redux OST remixes then?

Yeah, that awesome soundtrack was composed by Andre Neumann who also did the ST for DUX. He did an amazing job with this one again, the soundtrack mixes orchestra elements with dubsteb but the ST still has some classic video game tunes, so don’t worry about the music if you don’t like dubsteb. We tried to make it the biggest and best Redux ST possible… listen:

Redux Medley – SoundCloud

Oh and yes, Chris Huelsbeck did a fantastic remix, that was a great honour for us!! You can listen to that tune here:

Redux Credit Remix – SoundCloud

Some say Redux is a sequel, but that’s not quite true is it. It’s a complete remake yes? Have to say, from the Alpha trailer we saw the game looks beautiful.

Redux is a total remake of DUX, it brings in a lot of new features such as more weapons like that rocket laser attack and custom controls. Plus, the whole graphics are now HD, they feature way more detail and textures.

The original DUX has been updated to 1.5 and is to be inclusive with the limited edition Redux Dreamcast release? That’s a nice touch and a welcome additional bonus.

Ha-ha, yeah thanks. Indeed DUX 1.5 will be included in the bundle, it’s more than just an fix though, the game also features a new amazing 1.5 soundtrack composed by Andre. That ST feats. way more blasting tecno tunes than the original did. It’s also on the complete ST 4CD Box btw.

These are exciting times sir, the Kickstarter fund hit its $25,000 goal within days. You gentlemen must be so proud of your community and its support for the project.

Yes. Very proud. At this point I’d like to THANK all pledgers and supporters! We will make you a great game and publish it on as many platforms as possible!!

But that’s not all, your not finished yet? Tell us about the stretch goals you have set out for those donating, your not sitting back.

Yeah, at $40k we’ll do another space ship and add 2 player support. At $60k we’ll do another stage “Dark Planet”, and we recently gave steelcases to all $100 pledgers and above. Pledgers are free to upgrade their rewards to receive that steelcase as well, many are gone, so you better be fast. Claim your copy now!!

As we speak, the fund is almost at $40,000, no doubt the extra ship is a given. So at $60,000 the team promise us a further level? That’s great news.

Indeed. That extra ship will also feature new weps, and that extra stage will be the first landscape stage in the game, if we reach that goal. Make it happen!

But the $1,000 “Super Supporter” uber arcade sticks and signed goodies are now sold out? 

Yeah, Three fans were crazy enough to pledge that much, thanks!! We’ll build them the best Redux Stick ever!!

Kickstarter has seen a number of game projects, some more successful than others. Redux has truly paved the way here surely. Battle Club Gaming threw down $100 on the project and are honoured to join the many who have donated to the fund thus far sir.

Cool. Thanks.

Can we talk about the Dreamcast edition a little before discussing future platforms. Only 1,000 copies of the game are planned with no reprints to follow?

Yes, this LE is strictly limited to 1,000 copies, no reprint. Furthermore it’s only available by Kickstarter means!

Battle Club Gaming sounded out Sony’s US PlayStation blog man Jeff Rubenstein and discussed the Redux Kickstarter project. He mentioned the team “should have the contacts” to bridge into Vita & PSN.

Ha-ha, that’s nice. Now, since the successful kickstarter funding we made sure we can afford dev kits which is important to release games on PSN and XBLA. But still we need to finish the DC version first.

One of your main goals with Kickstarter donations is funding Redux for other formats, what can you confirm at this point. DC and iOS for sure, Steam platform maybe?

We will release Redux on iOS as well. We also hope for Steam, PSN and XBLA, but honestly we’ll try to release the game on as many platforms as available.

Those system dev kits are required yes? Their not cheap it’s fair to say.

One of the reasons for our kickstarter project was to fund dev kits, which are required to release games on the platforms you mentioned. And I can tell you, dev kits are really expensive.

René, I am personally very excited about a possible Redux PSN release but for those that don’t know, you have an interesting portfolio of Neo Geo and Dreamcast titles.

Ha-ha. Yeah we’ll try to get some NGDEVTEAM games up on Steam for sure, but give us time!!

Battle Club Gaming has a cheeky request for the Redux team. Our own $100 limited edition steel book and soundtrack set we are giving away with a competition. Would it be possible to get the prize signed by you guys?

Sure! We’ll definitely sign that copy. We wish all fans of your site best luck to win that prize!

Where can we find the Redux team via social media, what sites can we see you guys on for progress updates?

Our domain is but we’re also on Facebook Hucast Games and Twitter @hucastgames check our sites out!!

Thank you for taking the time to chat with us René, we know your very busy with the project. Battle Club Gaming can’t wait for Redux, it looks amazing and we want to see those stretch goals met.

Thank you!! We can’t wait to release this game!

Check out the Redux Kickstarter project here: Redux: Dark Matters and please support the work these gentlemen do. Pledge amounts range from $1 to $100 with a simple sign up to the Kickstarter site.


Battle Club Gaming competition.

Battle Club Gaming threw down $100 on the teams Kickstarter campaign in support, we opted for the Dreamcast limited edition two disc Redux: Dark Matters and DUX 1.5 steel book set with inclusive four disc soundtrack.

As René mentioned, only 1,000 of these will ever be produced, an immediate collectors item I think you will agree. We will be offering you the chance to win this limited edition bundle upon its release so keep an eye on the site and our twitter feed @BattleClubGming for updates.

Battle Club Gaming gives a massive thank you to René, Chris and the team at for their assistance and taking time out to chat with us. We extend big thanks also to the NG:DEV.TEAM for their kind help.

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