The new Geek

For generations gamers have been seen as the outcast of society. The Basement dwelling, suspender wearing, girlfriend-less sub-culture of humans that couldn’t function properly, let alone participate amongst normal humans. The mere mention of your love for anime or dungeons and dragons would give you an automatic label as a nerd kid, or geek. I can only imagine how geeks felt when the paradigm of cool shifted from the pretty boy athletes, to the controller pounding, software programing, computer building geeks that made up nerd culture. A interesting thing came along with that change in popularity, something that you think would have been left behind in order to expand the once niche culture; elitism.
Sounds crazy right? Nerd elitists, who would have thought it, but they existed even before the geek culture became popular. Tight knit groups of anime lovers who chastised anyone because they watched shows dubbed instead of in their regular Japanese audio, or gamers who would go on an instant rampage whenever a girl was anywhere in the vicinity of a controller. Nonsense right? So why is it that that attitude still exists with the culture? Why aren’t arms wide open excepting new people into the fold, instead of closed, pretending like there are guardians to geek purity?
Now, more than ever, females gamers aren’t just playing games, but they are highly active in the community, from pro gaming, to content creation, to game development, but some how gamers still feel like women need to prove their worth to the community, and if you don’t your just a “whore with a controller.” My question is, why do they have to prove anything to anyone to been seen as a gamer, and why does the beauty of the female automatically put her in the questionable category? Is this just left over hard feelings from the previous paradigm where the beauties ignored the geeks for the muscle massed football player? Is it… Revenge? Call me a fool, but I would rather be hugged up on a couch with Olivia Munn playing Uncharted, than chastising her, and trying to alienate her from the community over the internet any day.
Recently I went to a local board gaming store. when me and my partner in podcast walked in, the feeling of welcome was completely non existent. There were no hellos , no one offered to help show us anything in the store, everyone just kept to themselves, huddled around their board game giving the occasional glance at us almost to say “Hurry up and leave.” Though we finished looking around the store, it definitely isn’t a place I would return too, which is too bad, because we were looking to get into something new and possibly make some new friends from a community we have never been a part of.
Attitudes like this can be found all over geek culture, and it’s time that it stopped. The anime industry has been on life support for a while, so why would you want to turn people away from the industry you love with your attitude, instead of embracing them, and bringing them to the door of content so they can help contribute financially to the hobby you love so much?
Let’s change, let’s be a culture that embraces and welcomes everyone, lets be a culture that shows noobs how to be pro’s, let’s be a culture that takes dog tags while sitting along side the beautiful people, Let’s all be geeks.

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