DOOM 3 BFG Edition – Preview / Interview / Competition

DOOM 3 BFG Edition.

Available: PS3 / XBOX 360 ($39.99) / PC ($29.99)

Oct 2012 – 16th North America / 19th Europe.

Publisher Bethesda and developer id Software are sending us back to Hell. BCG take a look ahead to late fall 2012 and at a series that shaped the FPS genre…


My own love of DOOM was spawned the day I bought some forgotten UK PlayStation magazine. Its cover sporting a one level demo disc, this back in 1996. I’d never played a game quite like it and at that time I had no PC so… late to the series, but completely hooked thereon in.

From Ultimate DOOM or the complete id pack on Steam to ZDoom source ports, custom WAD files and a funky menu wrapper for The Master Levels – I never really left my love of the series behind. It is exciting then to find title reboot DOOM 3 heading to the PlayStation 3 this October along with its PC and XBox 360 hell brethren.

 BFG Stereoscopic Edition.

DOOM 3 BFG Edition will be fully supportive of 3D monitors, TVs and head mounted displays, as well as sonically impress (read – scare the hell out of us) with its 5.1 surround sound. Tweaks to environmental elements such as lighting and rendering are most welcome, as is the newly implemented check point save system.

Not only remastered visually, this updated package promises a cool 60fps rate. The flashlight concern some had with the original PC game has been addressed and rebalanced in the form of character/armour-mounted integration. Interesting to note however, according to DOOM 3 BFG Exec Producer Eric Webb, this original mode has been maintained as an additional play option.

Survive The Nightmare.

We can look forward to extra unseen content in the form of a seven level solo play offering with The Lost Mission (cut from the initial release). Expansion pack The Resurrection of Evil is also inclusive of this edition, both of course receiving the HD treatment and we have the implementation of PS3 Trophies / XBox Achievements.

Tucked away in all platform releases are the original XBLA retail ports of DOOM, DOOM II… which is a nice touch for PlayStation owners missing discs from a bygone PS1 era. We understand these classics via four player split screen running at 60 fps are immense fun.

In The Wake Of QuakeCon.

BCG spoke with Eric Webb, id Software’s Executive Producer for the DOOM 3 BFG Edition…

Battle Club Gaming: Firstly, thank you for taking time out and speaking to Battle Club Gaming. We understand you are very busy… which, of course is great news for fans. DOOM 3 BFG Edition, Welcome indeed! Why the decision to go 3D? Where did this come from?

Eric Webb: We think 3D enthusiasts are going to be blown away by DOOM 3 BFG. The 3D implementation, which John Carmack wrote himself, is state of the industry.

John saw Head Mounted 3D as a way to bring fresh ideas and technology to the DOOM 3 experience, particularly with the game arriving on HD platforms for the first time. As he started digging a little deeper, John saw an opportunity to expand what was possible for a stereoscopic consumer experience by expanding the technology itself. That’s how we got involved with the Oculus Rift VR project.

BCG: Brief us a little on this release, some DOOM 3 elements have seen a tweak or two we hear? Did this involve any particular evolution of the id Tech 4 engine?

EW: The 3D code is brand new. It’s the first implementation of its kind anywhere. The game also renders at 60Hz, which make the controls feel really responsive.

BCG: Can we chat about The Lost Mission? It’s promising hours of unseen mayhem. Originally this was a side story to DOOM 3’s main arc and player/character…if I have that correct?

EW: The story told in The Lost Mission is concurrent to the campaign in DOOM 3. You might remember a brief scene in DOOM 3 where Bravo team was massacred by imps – The Lost Mission picks up at the scene of this confrontation where you take on the role of a surviving member of Bravo Team.

BCG: Without giving too much away can you give fans a little insight as to what the The Lost Mission expansion entails?

EW: In The Lost Mission the overall goal is to shut down a remaining portal to hell. One thing you’ll notice right away is that there’s a lot more action in The Lost Mission than some of the quieter moments in DOOM 3. And of course, as we showed off at QuakeCon, we are sending players back to hell.

BCG: Trophies and Achievements are a given but will these expand out beyond DOOM 3? Can we expect any from ROE and The Lost Mission for example?… If I can add sir, classics DOOM and DOOM II are welcome inclusions and especially for PlayStation folk (where it’s been a while). Were the design team able to incorporate one or two into these?

EW: The Trophies and Achievements span the content, so you’ll see them awarded for DOOM, DOOM II, Resurrection of Evil, DOOM 3 and The Lost Mission.

BCG: The BFG Edition team are giving fans a lot of extra content here, we assume Final DOOM and The Master Levels just weren’t available to use?

EW: DOOM Classic and DOOM II are based on the classic content that was released on XBLA which don’t include The Master Levels or Final DOOM. We did a lot of optimization with these on PS3, considering this is the first time both games will be appearing on the console, but we haven’t yet expanded beyond the original included levels.

BCG: Theoretically BFG could run on the PS Vita with its cross platform support. Could this ever be envisioned as a reality?

EW: Right now there are no plans to bring the BFG Edition to other platforms. The main goal behind the project was to bring the optimal version of the PC game, with improvements like 3D support and improved lighting, to the current consoles.

BCG: The Battle Club Gaming community have some questions to broach if you would be kind enough to field sir?

Marvulus: Can you tell us more about the team working on development of Doom 3 BFG? Are they newcomers to the industry, or an established team?

EW: A lot of the people working on DOOM 3 BFG Edition were on the original DOOM 3 team. That’s part of what makes this release special, you don’t often have the opportunity to go back and make adjustments and improvements to a classic title.

Marvulus: Has the multiplayer been updated? Will those changes keep players interested long term and will there be any co-op or split screen options? If so, can you confirm player counts for those modes.

EW: The original modes that were included with all of the titles are included in the BFG Edition. So you’ll find the same multiplayer options that currently exist for DOOM Classic and DOOM II on XBLA. DOOM 3 is based off of the PC version of the game, so the co-op mode and other changes that were included in the original Xbox version of the game don’t exist here. The multiplayer player count for Resurrection of Evil is now 4 players maximum as a result of bringing that mode to the consoles.

Marvulus: Any plans to offer players future DLC content, could we expect to see further BFG Edition support across platforms?

EW: Currently we’re not discussing any DLC plans.

DerrickGott007: Regards Doom 3 BFG’s Stereoscopic 3D, will console versions see any Oculus Rift support?

EW: The PC version of the game supports the Oculus Rift. Due to hardware constraints the console version wouldn’t work with the Oculus Rift.

BCG: Thank you for your time Eric, Battle Club Gaming and its community are very much looking forward to the DOOM 3 BFG Edition and spending many a loving hour wading through hell spawn.

You can find more information on the Oculus Rift 3D VR project via its Kickstarter page, keep up to date on twitter with id Software and the DOOM team. Please take time to check out the excellent Bethesda blog and also visit their lovely new Bethsoft home page.

Doom 3 BFG Edition Competition.

To celebrate the release of DOOM 3 BFG Edition, Battle Club Gaming are giving worldwide site members (old and new) the chance to win a copy of the game on the platform of their choice. Not a member of BCG yet? Then register on the site and Join the Club! simply post in the comment section below for your immediate entry, a winner will be picked at random (first week of October).

The Lost Mission Teaser.

BCG and its community extend special thanks to Eric Webb, Executive Producer at id Software and Matt Grandstaff, Bethesda Softworks Global Community Lead, for their time and help with this interview.

Thanks also to Jessica Folsom, Zenimax Online Community Manager and Jeff Rubenstein, PlayStation Social Media Manager, for the initial connects.

Editors note: Some questions have been edited to better fit the flow of the interview, but the original intent and meaning were kept.

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