Finally, Its almost here!

It’s almost here!

Apple’s “It’s almost here” September 12, 2012 Event is right around the corner… Are you expecting  a major overhaul or a tweak design? With many rumors and leaks I think we can get a pretty good idea on what to expect. Will it be another “One more thing” hidden up their sleeves? We shall find out on the magic day September 12th.

Remember when everyone thought last year’s iPhone was going to be a huge redesign? It turned out to look exactly like the iPhone 4; all of the improvements (for the most part) were made under the hood. It’s going to have a fresh look

This year’s iPhone is going to be different. Expect a full body makeover.


iPhone 5 Rumor Roundup


Screen: Sharp is one of the suppliers tapped to produce Apple screens, Which are said to be one of the main features changing in this generation of the iPhone with a new 4 inch design.

IOS 6: Apple unveiled the next major version of its mobile operating system to developers at WWDC in June, and we’ve already had plenty of coverage leading up to its promised public release this fall. Apple typically waits to ship a major new iOS version with new hardware, and considering that the next iPhone is coming this fall, it’s a very safe bet that iOS 6 will come pre-installed.

4G LTE Networking: Like the third-gen iPad from earlier this year, the next iPhone is expected to support cellular bandwidth speeds that rival your home DSL connection. The thing about LTE is that it requires a lot of battery juice.

New Battery: To power LTE, it looks like The New iPhone will need to sport a bigger battery just like the New iPad had its battery increase.

Better Camera: Maybe, I myself haven’t seen leaks or rumors on the camera, So well see!

Faster iPhone: This is pretty much a given for any Apple iOS product release, but expect the next iPhone to have a faster processor. We expect either the A5X from the third-gen iPad or possibly a totally new A6 chip.

No more 30 Pin Connector: Rumors and leaks indicate the 30 pin connector will be absent on the iPhone 5

Nano-Sim: Apple obviously wants the iPhone to be as thin as possible, and a smaller SIM card would certainly help make room internally. Considering that Apple designed the nano-SIM, we wouldn’t be surprised to see it implemented in the iPhone.

Well see what happens on the magic day! Im not sure who is more excited, Me or Samsung.

@AppleVerse will live Tweet the details as they emerge.

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