Blood Rayne Betrayal

Blood Rayne Betrayal drew instant comparisons to Castlevania, and Ghouls and Ghosts for me, but a couple of unique game mechanics helped it to carve its own spot in the action platform genre.
Story isn’t a strong point with Blood Rayne, and rightfully so, this game is all about killing and swiftly dispersing your enemies, and Rayne’s smooth combat will do just that despite some often missed read inputs from the controller, but that doesn’t have a negative effect on the game until some of the trickier platforming sections arrive, like battling a string of ghosts while balancing on flies with a head stomp technique, the only other thing keeping you from falling to your death being a platform that disappears when you touch it.
At heart, the game is simple, string together kills quickly and rack up all the bonuses you can, so your end stage score reaches levels of impressiveness. along the way, Rayne’s array of combat moves will slice, and shoot up her foes, with the added bonus of environmental dangers coming into play. Saws, lava pits, laser weapons, are just as damaging to your enemies as they are to you, and become a intricate part of the combat.
Our protagonist also has some blood sucking tricks up her sleeve. There are no health items, or regenerating health here, just good old fashion blood sucking. While attacking your enemy, pushing blood suck button will prompt Rayne to grab the enemy, and deplete them of their precious life force, giving her a fraction of her health back. The maneuver also serves as a quick method to kill enemies, as a full blood suck is instant death. If your mid blood suck, but you release your enemy, you turn them into walking gassy explosives, that when you hit the triangle button (ps3) it will blow them up damaging anything in that enemies radius.
The game is paced nicely, avoiding the trope of having a boss at the end of each stage kept things moving, and added some excitement when you actually did reach a boss fight, The boss fights never reach an extreme level of difficulty to break up the flow of the game. By games end, the repetitiveness of it starts to kick it, so it ends in just the right amount of levels to stop you from not enjoying your experience.
Even though its Free to play on ps+, This is a game I would still recommend at full purchase price for fans of action platformers.

4 out of 5

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  1. Steveoexplosion November 18, 2012 at 7:50 pm -

    I picked this game up through PS+ , it’s a solid game fo-sho. Great review

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