Tiger PGA 12 IOS


I don’t play sports games, and even in my younger days playing earlier versions of Madden, and Mutant League Football (does that count) i was more of an, everyone else is doing it so I guess I should too, type of player, so it gave me quite a surprise when I became hooked on Tiger PGA tour 2012 for the IOS.


The first thing I did after launching the app was go into the
Mode, closest to the pin challenge. Closest to the pin challenge is exactly what it sound like, each week there’s a new hole for the challenge, and you challenge your friends over EA’s Origin to see who can get the ball closest to the pin. I used this mode as more of a training ground to figure out the uses of the various clubs, and practicing my swing. While I still don’t know the difference between the different club options, I learned enough from hands on practice to go into a PGA Tournament.

There really isn’t much to say about the PGA tournaments. You buy into the tournament, and play the holes until completion. Doing things like getting on the green in one stroke, will net you money, and in some cases Game Center achievements. The better shots you take, the more money you rack up, and of course if you can win the tournament, a big purse will be your reward for victory.



The controls for the game are pretty straight forward, and spot on. You pick your club, the type of shot you want to take, like full, or pitch shot, then you pull back your swing by dragging the golf ball on the meter down. The further down you pull the ball the more powerful the swing, and if you hold the ball at the bottom of the meter, and swing at the right time you can receive a power bonus. By putting some arch in your up stroke, you can make the ball curve in the air. Once the ball is in flight, a gold ball pops up on the screen, by rotating the ball you can have slight control over how the ball will act when it lands. Overshoot the whole, swipe the ball on the screen backwards and the ball will hopefully reduce in speed when it lands, or bounce backwards.

As with most game in the era, Tiger 12 has some rpg elements. Taking the cash you were rewarded for all your hole in 1’s (ha) you can upgrade various attri utes for your created character like power or drive control.

I enjoyed my time with this game, I don’t think it converted me to go console with it, but the ease of control, and Portability, make this a must have IOS game 5 out of 5

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