Psychotic Psoftware #PowerUp – Kickstarter update.

Always a fan of indie game development and exciting new IP’s, Battle Club Gaming have been ardent supporters of Mike Hanson’s forthcoming XBOX Live title Power Up – keeping up to date with the latest news via Psychotic Psoftware’s social media…


As support for Psychotic Psoftware continues to build and with the mighty Gamasutra now promoting Mike’s blog Psychotic Pspeaks, followers of this lovely looking shmup can rejoice at the news – Power Up’s own Kickstarter fund began on the 29th of Jan and runs for thirty days, ending Feb 28th 2013.

BCG throws down its own gold and coins of silvery shine and takes a look at what those pledges will get you.

PowerUP KS

Power Up won’t be content with fame on XBLIG alone, PC owners will no doubt wish to see this epic shoot-em-up available for their platform… and now they can!

“POWER UP” – The modern retro SHMUP for PC and Xbox!

Pledging is open internationally with amounts ranging from £2 – £135 (around $3 – $208 USD) and will net you some pretty cool benefits. Ever wanted to see your name in the credits of a game? For the very reasonable backing amount of £5 (about $8 US) you can have just that.

Power Up aims to see £5,000 come the end of this month – Battle Club Gaming are proud to join Mike’s growing community of backers in support of his project and independent game development.

PowerUP KS2

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