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Greeting all,

I am Steve, Steve-o or as some of you have come to know me Steveoexplosion. I’m hoping to keep posting right here on BattleClubGaming (wait for cheap pop) on a subject very near and dear to me for roughly the last twenty-five years. That subject, the wonderful and often looked down upon world of professional wrestling. Now you may be saying “Why should a column about pro wrestling be on a gaming site?” My answer is a simple one, because I feel like posting it. That and I think the fan base for video games and wrestling are often similar. No not sweaty nerds lurking in their Mom’s basement. (weeellll sometimes) But fans who are passionate about what they like and often get that look from some people and the remarks like “You still watch/play that stuff?” So I believe it’s some what of a common interest/lifestyle


What I’m looking to bring to the BCG (Cheap Pop?) is an overall look at past,present and sometimes straight up opinion of Pro Wrestling. Mainly the WWE/WWF,WCW,ECW,NWA and smaller territories of yesterday. Perhaps occasional TNA,ROH and upcoming GFW as news and frankly my interest peaks.


I suppose while I have you here reading my ramblings I can give you something besides and intro piece.  I’m going to give a  opinion on current WWE storyline.


Cena vs Bray Wyatt- Honestly this storyline is wearing thin for me. Both of these guys are talented but it just doesn’t seem to keep my attention for long. Cena comes out talks to the “Cenation” that he is pretty much our savior. He’s here to save us from the evil that is Bray Wyatt. But a majority of the audience wants nothing to do with Cena because we have put up with years of Cena Superman. So naturally people are drawn towards Wyatt in spite of Cena’s efforts. Yet Wyatt does not need a push like that, the Wyatt family is straight cash. Talented guys and I don’t know if anyone cuts a better promo than Bray right now. Don’t think though just because I praised  Bray I’m letting him off the hook. That damn song! He’s got the whole world…. Ah god I hear that song and it makes me wanna slap my momma. That’s got to go.

A resolution to this stagnant storyline?? I would like to see Cena step back a bit and let some of this new talent shine more.But I honestly don’t see that happening. So as much as I hate to say it put him back in the title picture. Because Cena is the poster boy for WWE and he’s going to overtake Ric Flair in overall heavyweight titles eventually. (Flair is a 16- time heavyweight champ) So we as fans should get it over with while it’s believable. Not have Cena do it when he’s over the hill. As long as the tone down the Superman persona it may be easier to take.

Wyatts- I’d rather see them feud with The Sheild honestly. See who truly is the dominate force in the WWE, previous match ups have been great. I’d like to see a good six months more of that story line. Or at the least have Rowan and Harper make some noise in the tag division. Those two get overlooked by the spectacle Bray puts on. Speaking of Bray I think whatever they put him in he’s going to be that superstar that when he talks you listen. On the same note when he wrestles you watch. I’d like to see a storyline with Bo Dallas as odd as it sounds. I think it’s just because they are actually brothers but they could make something interesting out of it.Whatever Bray does just drop that damn song!


All right Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and invite you to join me a again right here on BCG (CHEAP POP) Oh yeah for those none wrestling fans the whole cheap pop thing look up some Mick Foley stuff. He would say the name of a town they were in to get a “Cheap Pop” from the crowd. Peace out I’ll catch you soon

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