Mugen Souls Z

Mugen Souls Z has some good things going for it with its combat but that is easily overlooked as you try to wade through the ocean of dialogue. I felt like the majority of my time with the game was watching the characters interact. And while their quirkiness and off beat humor may be entertaining enough for some to put up with it, I didn’t find myself interested enough in the characters to really care. Maybe if I had the investment of playing through the first game it would have made it easier to deal with all the banter, but I doubt it. The good stuff for me was strictly with the combat. It’s a SRPG where the craziness of the characters and story is included. One character has the ability to change outfits which correlates to different attitude, like masochist or ditz. By picking the right personality type you can gain an advantage over your enemies. There are also giant robot battles which play out like Optimus prime and Megatron playing Rock Paper Scissors. While this game wasn’t for me, it does have some charm and uniqueness to it that may make it worth your while.

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