WWDC 2014 – Apple ye mateys

This year is the first time I’ve watched the WWDC and felt that apple actually had something interesting to show. Even the launches from the IPad to the IPad mini were presented with a yawn from me. I phone 5 and 5s, who gives a crap. Iphone 5c, What? But this year was different, check the rundown of the things I liked from Apples press conference.

For a full rundown of the event check out Modernhipsters.com.


Updated Email – The email system for the IOS sucks. I don’t know how many times I’ve started drafting a message, forgot what I was replying then, then had to cancel it to go back and read what I wrote. At some point I concluded that, oh, I’ll just copy this then paste it when I come back. But now, thanks to apple, that isn’t necessary anymore! with IOS new mail setup you can push a drafted message to the bottom of the screen with a swipe, revealing your Inbox screen. You can scroll through, find whatever information you may want to add to your email, or in my case refresh your memory on what you’re replying to, then touch the tab to bring back up your draft. There are also other swipe gestures to bring up various options like flagging or a full swipe to delete an email.


Quick response – so you’re driving down 70 west bound going 80 miles per hour. Your phone makes a notification sound alerting you that you’ve received a message. Normally you would have to touch the notification which would bring up whichever app it was sent from, then you reply by going through whatever steps the app provider deemed necessary. This sucks. Not the only the fact that you’re driving over the speed limit on a busy highway while texting, but that you have to launch into apps to apply. The solution? Wait to respond when you reach your destination, or pull over and quick response. Quick response allows you to reply to message right from your notification screen. Touch, bam response, boom, done, back on the road.

Also with the cloud assistance, those super large porn files that you send but your girlfriend can’t receive, can now be sent using the cloud. So you sending a classic Italia Blue film because “she can teach you how to do that right, honey”. But her mailbox rejects it because it’s over the file size limit. With apples clouds the file will jump to the cloud, then be sent to her directly, or as a link if need be.


Messaging – so yeah, now your IPhone will treat everyones messages like they are Iphone messages… Better yet, when you get the stupid, please forward this email so bill gates will buy you a helicopter emails, you can put that single thread conversation on Do Not Disturb, or completely remove yourself from the conversation. No longer do you have to see the, “Is this true?” or “might as well try it.” responses from your dumb friends.

I would like to applause quick type, even though I don’t really care about it, maybe it will prevent auto correct from turning message like “I’ll meet you at Alozay’s house.” To “Alozay will die tonight”. Auto correct, you silly goose.


Other notable things from the conference where the new programming language swift, which seems like it will make things a lot easier for developers.

HomeKit, which isn’t new in idea but integrating controlling your home with your IPhone could be dope.

The Adoption of widgets, as the yellow brick road for Android fans to move on down the road to Apple land.

Adding of most frequently used contacts to the double tap screen.

Game engines like, Epics Unreal Engine, doing the impossible and running on tablet devices, with the aid of David Blaine hiding behind curtain doing street magic. STREET MAGIC!

All the good stuff will release this fall for the following devices.

iPhone 4S
iPhone 5
iPhone 5s
iPad 2
iPad (third-generation)
iPad (fourth-generation)
iPad Air
iPad mini
iPad mini with Retina display

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