Top 5 90’s cartoons that should get movie treatment

Top 5 90’s cartoons that should be adapted into movies.

90’s tv was full of classic cartoons that could make greater fodder for Hollywood to turn movie. Here are my top 5 picks.

1. Mighty Max

A young kid gets delivered a hat that starts his adventures as “the chosen one”. Accompanied by a talking owl, Vergil; and body guard, Norman (obviously played by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) Max traverses the globe through portals created by the hat. Part horror, part history lesson, A Mighty Max movie could easily work for children, yet be dark enough for adults to enjoy. Just peep these quotes from the shows antagonist, Skull Master.

2. Exo-squad

Science fiction has been shooting for a come back in recent years. With 2 sci-fi releases from power house Tom cruise (Oblivion, Edge of tomorrow) and a block buster movie from Marvel, Guardians of the Galaxy, there’s prime room for an Exo-Squad Movie. The creation of a new worker class of humanoid (Neosapian) that revolts against its human creation, giant robots manned by a bad ass crew, and Alec Deleon… Really we could just do a Deleon movie and I’d be onboard.

3. Gargoyles

There was a lot going on in Gargoyles, much of which I didn’t really get until re-watching it as an adult. Beasts that come alive from statues, a gargoyle hunting crew, magic, cyborg humans, and Loki God of mischief. This is Lord of the rings trilogy territory here, but unlike LOTR I would actually enjoy watching this.

4. Life With Louie

Now-a-days funny cartoons have traded actually attempting to be funny, with craziness, loudness, and insanity. Sure it keeps the children entertained, but if you want real comedy in cartoon form check out Life with Louie. Insanely funny dad, family, and neighborhood. This cleverly written cartoon could best most big screen comedies.

5. Bobby’s World
This one goes out to all the children that have lost their imagination. The youngins these days need a bobby’s world to help them remember what using your imagination looks like. A little boy who delves deep into his own world and goes on exciting adventures with his Spider doll. I actually wouldn’t mind seeing this return in cartoon form on TV.

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