Review: Shantae – Risky’s revenge 

I originally had a chance to play Shantae’s Risky Revenge on the IOS; and even with the undesirable controls I still had a good time playing it. Hampered by the touch screen interface I never actually beat the game, so I was excited to be able to revisit it on the PS4. image
I really only had one gripe against the game, so I’ll quickly get that out of the way; the graphics could have have been touched up a little. It’s by no means an ugly looking game, but everything could have been sharper. Outside of that small issue, you’re bound to have more fun with Shantae than you would with many of the available triple A titles on the PS4.
Shantae’s Risky Revenge is a fairly short affair (I beat it in under 6 hours) but the experience is tight, and short on flaws.

You play as Shantae, a half genie that has be hired to protect Scuttle town from Vile pirates. I haven’t played the original game or its sequel, so I didn’t have much knowledge of the universe while playing, but that didn’t matter at all. Like other metro style games, the fun is in the discovery of new powers and the areas they make reachable.
Using Shantae’s genie dance- you will transform her into different forms which have their own abilities that allow you to access different parts of the world.
On your adventure you’ll transform into a monkey that you’ll use to reach isolated areas; a elephant that the smash objects like boulders, and other forms that I won’t spoil.

The combat is basic but effective. You can deck out Shantae with various magical upgrades like fireballs, or spiked balls that orbit Shantae and act as a shield. the magic gives a helping hand to her, Willow Smith- Whip my hair back and forth, basic attack. By collecting bottles of jam you can upgrade Shantae’s hair whip attack or any of the magical attacks.
I had a great time playing Shantae, and look forward to hopefully seeing another adventure from her.

Buy, Try, or trash?


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