Limited Run Games. Futuridium soundtrack, restock news and June releases.

Hot on the heels of their recent Futuridium PlayStation 4 and Vita physical offerings, Limited Run Games are set to complement MixedBag’s essential shooter with a CD soundtrack release.

Futuridium soundtrackWe reached out to MixedBag Games, they kindly told us the 17 track disc would feature all in game music, with a runtime of approximately 60 minutes. A full track listing will be published shortly, and BCG will update here as and when.

Futuridium track listingsThe $14.99 OST score is limited to 600 copies worldwide and available via Limited Run’s site from Friday June 3rd. A small PS4 and Vita restock of Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty and Futuridium will also be made available, these being returns / order cancellations – no doubt welcome news to any who missed out first time around.

We hear a limited quantity of the Saturday Morning RPG soundtrack CD will return on the 3rd too, with a PS4 and Vita restock expected later – a date timed to coincide with a special edition colour vinyl record.

Inaugural Vita release Breach & Clear is set to arrive back on the store in the near future, with talk of a surprise to delight all fans. Limited Run Games hinting of something mysterious we can look forward to here.

Xeodrifter PS4 - Vita

Aside restocks and soundtracks, new merchandise is expected to hit the store (T-Shirts and such). New titles for the June schedule see a confirmed physical release for Xeodrifter, with rumours Octodad might indeed round out the month.

Be sure to follow Limited Run on social media for real time updates on when sales go live.


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