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By Ahsan mulk, April 22, 2013 0 Blue Shack Podcast

Ep1 beer, friends, talking about games. What can go wrong?

By Franchise254, November 25, 2012 0 BCG Podcasts, Falcon Punch Podcast
By Franchise254, November 19, 2012 0 BCG Podcasts

It was a family reunion as the guys were joined by Macksimous Prime a founding father and brother to the BZT and more Pantera bashing , Email and upcoming events

Super Mario High score Competition

By Ahsan mulk, November 9, 2012 0 BCG Podcasts, Falcon Punch Podcast

go to the Game center, play super mario high score, get the high score before friday november 16th, and you can win a 20 dollar psn or xbox live card.    

By Franchise254, November 5, 2012 1 BCG Podcasts

80s  music REALLY? Listen to Ediddy play the hits will he make it through a hit song in one show with the host SpongeBobbies, Disturbed_Papi, Jizzy, Franchise254, and DarthNation

By Franchise254, November 2, 2012 0 BCG Podcasts

What who said that? Singing the 80s music and hurricane talk, Sponge Franchise JSButter and Cgamer Talk and bring it live

By Franchise254, October 18, 2012 0 BCG Podcasts

#GET OUTTA HERE is the name of the show and we have special guest this episode Oisin O’Neal developer for the Apple/Android app Symthic:BF3 weapons app

By Franchise254, September 30, 2012 0 BCG Podcasts

this episode has very special guest from the UK @vnde3p and @LeonConstintine for laugh with the hosts franchise254 disturbed_Papi and Panteradown2

By Franchise254, September 24, 2012 0 BCG Podcasts

Another show with the same hosts hhhhmmmmm and @Cgamer48 lets see what trouble is on this episode

By Franchise254, September 22, 2012 0 BCG Podcasts

Join hot Spongebobbies as he discusses Transformers, Dirty Sanchez and many other topics with guests Franchise254 and JSButters