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Battlefield 3 – The beta that made me avoid the game

By Ahsan mulk, October 3, 2011 2 Blog

I was a huge fan of Battlefield Bad Company 2, it was my first experience with the battlefield franchise and had me excited for future installments, so when Battlefield 3 was announced I was immediately onboard. The humor and wit… Read More »

Buy, Try, Or Trash – Burnout Crash

By Ahsan mulk, September 23, 2011 0 Blog

Burnout Crash is a brightly colored, loud, explosive experience that manages to still be boring. The premise is simple, drive tour vehicle of choice into traffic and crash, then you create small explosions in an attempt to hinder other traffic… Read More »

Buy, Try, Or Trash – Renegade Ops

By Ahsan mulk, September 20, 2011 1 Blog

               From the moment I took control of the vehicle in Renegade Ops a sense of nostalgia hit me. This feels like jackal 2011 one of the classic co op games of the Nes era, renamed and updated, and I… Read More »

Buy, Try, Or Trash – Skydrift

By Ahsan mulk, September 20, 2011 0 Blog

Skydrift is pretty straight forward affair, race through the skies with the plane of your choice (only one is available in the demo) avoiding obstacles and gathering power ups to put the kibosh on your opponents Chances at victory. The… Read More »

Resistance 3 review – The revolution is playable

By Ahsan mulk, September 17, 2011 0 Blog

Few gaming trilogies are able to keep a good pace from their first iteration to the last. The inability to tell a cohesive, beginning, middle, and ending story with game play that matches is often the downfall of these time… Read More »