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Black Woman Gamer sims 3

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Gamer Guides – Grand Theft Auto V

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Altruist Acolyte – Deliver an unsuspecting victim to the Altruist Cult. Out of your Depth – You’re gonna need a bigger boat… (Get eaten by a shark) Pimp my Sidearm – Fully mod a weapon. Best weapon to do it… Read More »

Assassins Creed IV Stealth Experience Walkthrough

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A walkthrough from IGN

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Sup guys Cgamer48 here showing you a 100% Synchronization/Trophy Guide for Assassin’s Creed III – Tyranny of King Washington: Episode 1 – The Infamy DLC. The guide includes 100% objectives in the missions and for some of the trophies in… Read More »

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Hey gamers, Cgamer48 here showing you on how to get some trophies in Dead Space 3.Please Subscribe to my youtube channel, I plan on making some more guides for some other games and hopefully help out all the trophy whores… Read More »

Battlefield 3 Aftermath Trophy Guides

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Bite your Finger- Find the secret reptile. Home Made Javelin- Destroy a enemy vehicle with the xbow.

Gaming Guides with @Cgamer48 – Assassin’s Creed 3 Trophies @BattleClubGming

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Welcome to the Cgaming college of PS3 Trophy awesomeness. Gaming strategy guides can be costly and given the usual run of DLC or patch updates they’ll quickly become out of date information. Fear not! Battle Club Gaming progeny Cgamer48 is… Read More »