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Sit, watch, enjoy

By Ahsan mulk, December 4, 2011 0 BCGtv, Blog, News and boom podcast present the things we do episode one – apple sauce liquor drinkconction

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if you listen to the podcast, you heard my little rant about this game ending beginning of the game glitch. if you have any way out of this, let me know the solution.

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              When Uncharted first Stepped on the scene in 2007 it attempted to set the benchmark of what the current generations technology can do. With fluid animation, blockbuster moments, and gorgeous set pieces, it almost did just that, but… Read More »

Review – Shadow of the Colossus HD – almost perfect

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After finishing my play through of Ico, I was excited to get started on my journey in shadow of colossus. I was again immediately immersed in the game from the opening sequence that gave me the same intriguing feeling I… Read More »

Review – Ico – A Proven Classic

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Over the years I’ve heard nothing but fantastic chatter about Team Ico’s first game Ico, unfortunately it was a experienced I missed until the recently released Ico – Shadow of colossus Hd remake bundle. I went into the game a… Read More »