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There was a time in gaming where we played because games were fun. No addictive leveling systems were needed to keep the controller in our hands; the promise of DLC didn’t dictate whether or not we felt a game had… Read More »

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  Monster Monpiece uses the PSVita’s touch screen and pad as the interface to upgrade the monster girl cards in your deck. The interaction is called “First Rub”. It consists of you feeling around on the screen until you find… Read More »

Splinter Cell: Blacklist – Review

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A review on Splinter Cell Blacklist by IGN

Saints Row IV Angry Review

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A Review from AngryJoeShow

Tempo Game Review (Sega 32X)(Insanity)

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A review from stanburdman This game is completely and utterly insane. The Game:… It’s a platformer set in a world with no rules or limits. You don’t know what anything is half the time. You can be walking forward and… Read More »

Review: Avatar Legends

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An indie review from M4rk3dF0rD347h

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Forgive me for the delay, but here is the first of the irregularly posted recommendation/review of anime films. “Akira”, based on the Mannga epic by Katsuhiro Otomo of the same name, is a dystopian/cyberpunk animated film originally released in 1988…. Read More »

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Wait a minute, a movie that tackles religion and something as brutal as the Bible…. done well? A children’s movie to boot? Yes, it is true. The now defunct Dreamworks 2-d animation studio produced several films during the 90’s and… Read More »

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Hello my ever-attentive audience. No, I am not here to complain or to argue about a obviously world-shattering video game topic. I have decided to do a fun segment which allows me to delve into a entertainment medium I love:… Read More »