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This week on TpSUK, Here-Comes-Bod talks X-com and why you should by this game, Bod and Zonal discuss Resident Evil 6 and the Co-op ups and downs, Don has just the one beer oh and tries to sell Tokyo Jungle… Read More »

Apple announces Special Event for October 23rd

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Apple has just invited members of the press to attend a product launch on October 23rd, where we assume the long-rumored iPad mini will be unveiled. The event will go down merely weeks after Apple took the wraps off of the iPhone 5 (and… Read More »

Firefox 16 launches with new developer tools, Reader Mode for Android

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VIDEO Mozilla is still keeping up with their promise for rapid releases of their Firefox web browser, and it actually just seems like yesterday when the company released Firefox 15 to the public. However, version 16 is out today and it comes with some pretty… Read More »

T-Mobile to launch Samsung Galaxy Note II on October 24th

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The Samsung (005930) Galaxy Note II will launch across all four major U.S. carriers in the coming weeks, and T-Mobile customers now seem to have a firm launch date to look forward to. An internal document leaked to TmoNews reveals… Read More »

Samsung Galaxy Note II to land ‘by mid-November’ on all major US carriers

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  We’d say the wait is nearly over, but that wouldn’t be telling the whole truth. Inching ever closer to a hard launch date, Samsung’s Galaxy Note II is now poised to hit stateside on Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and US Cellular “by… Read More »

iPad Mini Design “Could Outshine the New iPad”

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More grist for the rumor mill ahead of the so-called iPad mini’s expected debut later this month. Chatter from Apple’s overseas supply chain indicates that the company has not been cutting corners in its efforts to keep the iPad’s diminutive… Read More »

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The TpSUK EuroGamer Expo 2012 Special: The Crew attended the UK’s biggest gaming expedition and the is the show to listen to if you want to here what the guys saw, played or listened to at EuroGamer also Mrslugga shares some… Read More »

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Our good fellas from BztPodcast are wu-tanging it, and being for the children. Help support their Extra-Life Campaign as they raise money for children that are dealing with issues that we all wish no child should ever have to endure…. Read More »

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SpongeBobbies has issued the challenge, will you accept? Carve a pumpkin with the theme of you favorite shows from the community, and you could be a winner. Not familiar with the podcasts? Well hit up the BCG podcast section and… Read More »

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ZonalRipper, Here-Comes-Bod & The-Big-Don are back with another episode of TpSUK Bod gives his final thoughts on sleeping dogs, Zonal & Don discuss borderlands 2 and give you their initial thoughts, we also discuss the highs and lows of Walking… Read More »