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By Ahsan mulk, January 11, 2012 1 Falcon Punch Podcast, News

Thank god for the @Almightyah, he saved this weeks with a full fledged rant. Jump in and enjo.

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mmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmm once, there was a boy who, tried to eat an elephant up side of the school, and then, the elephant came back, and there, were, elephants on his body, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmm

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Sit, watch, enjoy

By Ahsan mulk, January 4, 2012 0 Blog, Falcon Punch Podcast

Welcome to the first annual boomwards, where staccata, and yahyizzle give their top 5 experiences of the year. We also get to hear the glittering of justice drizzled on lair, and the skeptic that wont believe.

By Ahsan mulk, December 27, 2011 2 Blog, Falcon Punch Podcast

Boom podcast!! Episode 11!! First Live Show!! Special guest Waterlessgooch!! Only one call in, and one email!!! But who gives a fuck, we rock!!!! @Boompodcast @battleclubgming @Waterlessgooch psn Staccata Orochiken 360 Saayid Booooom!!!!!

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OOOoowww, it’s on. episode 10 of the boom podcast. this show we are joined by special guest Spongebobbies, he fills a void that once left our hearts saddened. We talk some food stuff, have a surprise challenge, and get into… Read More »

By Ahsan mulk, December 19, 2011 0 Falcon Punch Podcast

In this fun filled rant Yah takes on the sucky ass commercials no one likes, and proves staccata’s haterisms are are pure hateration. We also give a special thanks to waterlessgooch for hooking up a dope logo for Yah’s Rants…. Read More »

By Ahsan mulk, December 13, 2011 3 Falcon Punch Podcast

This ep we talk some Japan vs western gaming, dc universe, one of us is apparently the second coming, and we launch another contest for a free copy of ratchet and clank all for one. News of greatness you can… Read More »

By Ahsan mulk, December 6, 2011 4 Falcon Punch Podcast

Its 8!!! We are joined by Redfield of the Rogue Gamer podcast, as we talk anime, random stuff, and have some horrible joke told by the yizzle. shorty, but a good one. listen up people @boompodcast @battleclbgming @redfield304 On… Read More »