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By Ahsan mulk, July 26, 2015 0 Blue Shack Podcast

sup guys yup its another story about me tossing kids but on to notes. all dlc set for on disk on sf5, new fighter shown for sf5, fan made resident evil 2 game is free on pc, rising thunder free… Read More »

By Ahsan mulk, July 23, 2015 0 Falcon Punch Podcast
By Ahsan mulk, July 20, 2015 0 Blue Shack Podcast

sup guy just noticed on twitter we have young ass fans. enjoy the wrong. notes!! kingdom hearts 3 at d23, tony hawk 5, tekken vs street fighter is alive, no love for yager, commodore pet, new duke game and other… Read More »

By Ahsan mulk, July 14, 2015 0 Blue Shack Podcast

its been a while but gorge shows up for a show and then there was notes. new snoopy game, gauntlet coming to ps4, street fighter rumors, dragon quest builders and other stuff.

By Ahsan mulk, July 6, 2015 0 Blue Shack Podcast

yay david and chuck showed and and david was talking for once. as for game notes eh you’ll hear it​.

By Ahsan mulk, June 30, 2015 0 Blue Shack Podcast

not much for news other than batman sucking balls on pc and bungie being dumb as hell. there was other stuff but hell if you want to know what it is, you better listen .

By Ahsan mulk, June 19, 2015 0 Blue Shack Podcast

no notes its e3

By Ahsan mulk, June 7, 2015 0 Blue Shack Podcast

sup guys today we talk about the voices in my head, fall out 4, street fighter 4 lag, and go random

By Ahsan mulk, June 1, 2015 0 Blue Shack Podcast

as you can see from the title i hate kids. i really do but notes. until dawn get a date. nintendo humble bundle, gold and plus games for june, the hate for hatred, and much more

By Stellaking, May 30, 2015 0 News

Dedicated to showcasing high quality video game soundtracks, the fine folks at London-based Data Discs officially launched their website today. With the blessing of SEGA, and a September shipping date in mind, pre-orders are now open for two legendary scores.Remastered on 180 gram… Read More »